Later That Same Week

:: I heard from my new host, and have the necessary information to begin setting up on their server. I’ve installed MT 2.64, and will begin configuring it tomorrow. Wish me luck, I hope it all works.

:: I spoke with a personal trainer at the Y today, and will meet with him on Sept 11 for an initial consulation. Tomorrow it’s another meeting with the nutritionist.

:: Last night I sat on the edge of my bed, and stared at the bookcase next to it. I looked at, maybe 10 different books of interest that I’d like to read. Couldn’t decide which one to read next. So I went to sleep instead. I’m no further ahead tonight.

:: The e-mails with the SobigF worms seems to be diminishing in number. Maybe the creator did discover girls. Or something. Maybe not.

:: School started today. Yesterday 23 new bright, flat-screen terminals were installed on our main floor. Today the new students attacked them with a fervor. The days of wondering if the new cohort of students is familiar with computers and peripheral devices is over. Already today, a student asked if he could plug his memory card into a USB port on the new machines (which aren’t configured yet for said cards). Most of us don’t know a USB port from a bottle of port. So the learning curve is steep again.

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