Rain and Then Some

:: I’ve been in Calgary since Wed night, attending the CLA Conference. Today, the weather turned cool and rainy again, as it was about a week earlier, when I was in Toronto in the sweltering heat, humidity and smog. It was drizzling all day, eventually evolving into a two-hour torrential downpour, while I was attending a party this evening in a large tent at the Canada Olympic Park. A number of flood watches are in effect for southern Alberta and regions around Calgary.

The conference is I do not attend generally, but I enjoyed it a lot, including the panel on which I was a participant.

2 Responses to “Rain and Then Some”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Glad to hear the CLA conference went well! Will you be Canada-trotting again this summer, or are you getting the chance to finally sit back and enjoy your renovations?

  2. randy Says:

    Hey Lauren: I’ll be off to Wpg for 8-9 days around July 1, but otherwise will be around. Cousins coming to visit shortly thereafter, as well, so I’ll need to do some housecleaning beforehand! 🙂

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