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Spin Cycle

Today, in my role as a Big Brother, I took my Little Sister, CC, to the Telus World of Science to see the BodyWorlds show. Afterwards, we walked around one of the science display areas to check out some of the interactive exhibits. One of these was the gyroscope ride. After CC took a ride and thoroughly enjoyed herself, I decided to try it as well. I survived, but realized as the ride began that this wasn’t the wisest decision I’d made recently. CC took a video, and you can hear her say, “We need to hear you scream,” so I yell, “OOOOOOOOW!” around 25 seconds. After about 30 seconds of spinning, I could feel myself getting nauseous, so I say, “Alright, that’s good enough”. The attendant then asks me, “What was the word, sorry?”, to which I meekly reply, “Mommy.” Mommy was the “stop word.” I didn’t toss my cookies, but my stomach is still queasy.

One Response to “Spin Cycle”

  1. Steve Forty Says:

    Maybe it is my age, but there is no way you would ever catch me on that thing. I would be sick very quickly. I guess I would not make a good astronaut for that reason. I hope all is well with your family these days.

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