New Look

.: I haven’t much time as I type, but wanted to let you know about the new look for the blog. On the advice of Mr Brad Grier, techno-wizard and all-around good person, I have upgraded to the Thesis theme, and plan to do further modifications, time permitting in the next few weeks. I believe this new look will help me get back into blogging on a more regular basis than recently.

2 Responses to “New Look”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Hi, Randy. Just to let you know i’ll be reading you’re blog from now on. Looked you up via your comments on Bill Janovitz’s blog.

  2. steve40 Says:

    I like the new look. I never got into Facebook, Twitter, or a number of other social groups like that, but I like to read blogs, and missed your updating here. I like the new look, hopefully you will have time to contribute more.

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