SARSfest in Toronto, Bill Maher

Posted in Blogging, Miscellaneous on July 31st 2003 by Randy Reichardt

:: The largest rock concert in Canadian history happened yesterday at Downsview ON. The Rolling Stones and 15+ other musical acts performed a show to support the city of Toronto, hammered on many fronts, mostly tourism, since the SARS breakout earlier this year.

The television coverage in Canada, well, SBT’d: Sucked Big Time. Broadcasters from Much More Music and CBC interviewed teenage girls and aging hippies for their (constant, non-stop) moronic perspectives of the event, as if anyone gave a rat’s ass. At one point during the CBC’s waste-of-time two hour broadcast, Ralph Ben-Mergui “interviewed” a beautiful, waif-like young thing from Florida who looked as if she just left a casting call for Blue Crush, asking her dumb question after question, getting close and closer to her each time. It was a sad performance from someone who knew better.

In addition, the MMM VJs often interviewed the performers, and again, like, who cared? I wanted to see the concerts, the performances, the music. Live Aid, anyone? Remember how pathetic the coverage was for that in 1985? Didn’t the CBC or MMM learn anything? Ooooops, sorry, I forgot: contractual obligations! Must show commercials endlessly. Must show idiot interviews. Must show videos of old concerts. Toronto rocked, the rest of Canada was passed over.

:: Derryl advises that Bill Maher is blogging. This is a good thing, I love Maher. But Bill: c’mon, let us comment on your postings – DUDE!

Steely Dan Trip Underway

Posted in Random Thoughts on July 31st 2003 by Randy Reichardt

I will be away for the next few days, on the road to see the Dan. Can’t promise any posts during this time, but one never knows…

Screaming Inside

Posted in Random Thoughts on July 30th 2003 by Randy Reichardt

:: I arrived home from work at 1830 hrs, angry with myself because of something that transpired today. It’s interesting that when you are mad, especially with yourself, and then you let the anger manifest itself further, whatever happens next usually will get you madder still.

Lately I’ve been losing things: business cards, stamps, a program book, another book I bought as a gift, and on and on. It’s been driving me nuts. Anyway, I arrive home, furious with self, and gather together a blood test request, post office parcel notice, and a prescription. I drop off the prescription, then drive to the lab for the blood test (close by). I park and walk to the lab only to notice that I grabbed the wrong document, and had to turn around, drive home, and get the right one for the test. I was not a happy puppy. I retrieve the correct form and arrive at the lab a second time, only to remember that I had to fast for eight hours before the test. (Note to self: D’OH!)
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World of Ends

Posted in Internet on July 29th 2003 by Randy Reichardt

This is pretty cool. Doc Searls and David Weinberger (author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined) have created a page called World of Ends – What The Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It For Something Else.

The Nutshell:

1. The Internet isn’t complicated
2. The Internet isn’t a thing. It’s an agreement.
3. The Internet is stupid.
4. Adding value to the Internet lowers its value.
5. All the Internet’s value grows on its edges.
6. Money moves to the suburbs.
7. The end of the world? Nah, the world of ends.
8. The Internet’s three virtues:

a. No one owns it

b. Everyone can use it

c. Anyone can improve it
9. If the Internet is so simple, why have so many been so boneheaded about it?
10. Some mistakes we can stop making already

Mixed-Bag Special

Posted in What? on July 27th 2003 by Randy Reichardt

:: Have you heard about flash mobs? Flash mobs are performance art projects involving large groups of people. Mobilized by e-mail, a mob suddenly materializes in a public place, acts out according to some loose instructions, and then melts away as quickly as it formed.” (From Wired News.)

:: I’ve been living at what feels to be a fast speed of late. Since early June, it has felt as if the weeks of summer are moving faster than normal. Beginning with the Evidence Based Librarianship Conference on June 5-6, things took off. On June 7 I flew to NYC for the SLA conference, followed by a week of holidaze there. Upon my return, I saw the Moody Blues perform, and the last weekend on June saw my surprise birthday party, and a 4-day visit from my parents as well. Two weekends ago I drove to Winnipeg for a week, the impetus being a 32nd-year high school reunion, which as you may have read, was a total blast (from the past) of fun. In two days, I drive to Calgary, then on to Washington State to see Steely Dan perform at The Gorge on Saturday. Upon returning, I’ll be working backstage with the performers at the EFMF again (12th year in a row). I’ll have more details about this soon.

:: As a lifelong fan of Warner Bros cartoons (Bugs, Daffy, Foghorn, Elmer, etc.), I’m pleased to learn that Warner Home Video will finally be releasing a 4-DVD set of Looney Tunes on October 28th. Fifty-six of the best cartoons will be included, all digitally remastered, and apparently looking great. More details available here.

:: Margaret sent me a link to the MoOM: Museum of Online Museums. Check out the Museum of Soviet Calculators or the Singing Postcards site from BBC Radio. But the Moist Towelette Online Museum? Dirty Swedish Book Covers (Svensk snuskprosa, omslag 1925-84)?

:: BTW, it’s Monday, July 28th, 11:56 pm MDT as I post this. The date above is earlier because I began this entry on Sunday, in draft format.

The Star Wars Kid

Posted in Pop Culture on July 26th 2003 by Randy Reichardt

:: Have you heard the story about The Star Wars Kid? A 15-year old Québec boy named Ghsylain videotaped himself at school, pretending he was a Jedi knight, and using a broomstick as a light sabre. Apparently his “friends” found the video, uploaded it to the ‘net on April 19, and others soon found it. The video shot around the planet at lightspeed. Some took the original video and added sound and special effects. Over 40 clone videos exist at this time. As well, there is an online petition to get the kid a cameo in the final Star Wars movie.

What can I say? Admittedly, some of the clone videos are hilarious.

What began as a nightmare for this kid is already becoming an Internet legend. Hopefully he might be able to recover a bit of dignity in the process.

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