To My Parents, With Love – by Esmeralda Cabral

Posted in Friends on May 29th 2007 by Randy Reichardt

.: Esmeralda Cabral is a good friend of mine whom I have not seen for much too long a time. She lives in Vancouver with her husband Eric and their two children. Some time ago, Es lost both her parents within a year, and it was a very difficult time for her and her family. I tell you this, because on Wednesday night, 30 May 2007, on CBC Radio One, Es will be featured on the show Outfront, with a 15-minute documentary called To My Parents, With Love.

Outfront is described asradio stories about real life. It’s all about your ideas, your experiences, your perspectives, your story. It’s fifteen minutes of storytelling, experimental audio and new ways of making radio. Stories told from Canadian perspectives about the Canadian experience. You won’t hear traditional storytelling, and you won’t hear reporters or hosts. Outfront explores new ways of presenting stories which break the radio mold.”

Outfront is heard Tuesday to Friday on CBC Radio One at 8:43 p.m. (9:13 p.m. NT).  I hope you are able to tune in for Es’s heartfelt love letter to her parents.


Posted in On The Road on May 22nd 2007 by Randy Reichardt

.: After my brief trip to San Francisco, I flew to Victoria where I spent a few days visiting friends, including Tony, and my high school friends Barry and Liz. It was a relaxing time, and I spent a lot of time resting when not doing activities with my friends. I’ve uploaded a few photos from the trip, with more to come.

After my return from the trip, the band worked hard in rehearsal for a gig on 29 April 2007 at a local venue called On The Rocks. We played well and were quite tight, considering this was only the third gig we’d played, and the first this year. Pictures from the gig are here. The following Saturday, Amelia and I played a one set gig at a venue in St Albert for what was called Celtic Pub Night. I wasn’t feeling too good that night, and by Sunday night I was battling a sore throat. The sore throat morphed into a chest cold, and then into an uncomfortable flu. Needless to say, I missed work for a week and one day before returning the following Tuesday. As of this writing I’m still fighting residual coughing. In the midst of this, I did see my physician, who confirmed that I had one of the flu strains making its way through the city, and that it would take 2-3 weeks to clear itself from my weakened system. I’m hoping by next weekend I’ll be completely clear of it.

June promises to be a very busy month. I’ll be in Denver from 02-07 June, attending the SLA Conference, and then in NYC from 09-18 June. Denver is work-related, NYC is vacation time only. In NYC on 11 June, I’ll see Steely Dan play on their Heavy Rollers Tour at the Beacon Theatre with my friend Lisa, and the next night it’s Lily Allen at The Roseland Ballroom, with my friend Noella. Other NYC events are still being planned. When I return, I am speaking (albeit briefly) at the 5th Annual Canadian E-Learning Conference as part of a panel called Library Access & E-Learning.

This past weekend I drove to Lethbridge, where I visited my friends Robert and Mary and their two daughters, Tigana and Kasia. On Saturday, I drove to Sunburst MT to attend the high school graduation ceremony of the daughter of my good friend Sharon. Afterwards, I drove to Shelby MT where I bought six boxes of Rice Chex and Corn Chex cereal at the local Albertson’s. Yes it’s true, I would do such a thing because I really do like those cereals, and no, we can’t buy them in Canada. Call it a weakness. Returning to Lethbridge (about one hour from the Canada/US border), I stayed for another day, and on Sunday, Robert and Mary and the girls and I walked all of about 90 seconds from their home to Brad and Jacqui’s place, the next block over from Robert’s place. (Background: Brad and I lived on the same floor in residence in 1976-78 at the U of Alberta, and I met Robert around the same time. In the period from late 1987-1989, Robert, Brad and I were members of the committee that organized ConText’89, the now-legendary sf conference at which (what is now known as) SF Canada was formed, and at which the first issue of On Spec was launched.) We all had a great visit, and after Mary took the girls home to bed, the rest of us, including Brad and Jacqui’s son Sean, watched Children of Men. Monday morning I drove back to Edmonton, including having to drive through a snowstorm just north of Calgary.

Good night, and good luck.

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