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.: Happy Birthday to me. The Skinny: born at 0105 hrs, Sunday 28 June 1953, Winnipeg MB. Eligible to retire in one year, maintaining small vestige of youth as guitarist in rock band, happy to be alive, blessed by many amazing friends, colleagues, and family.

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.: Monday night was the first of two Steely Dan shows at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway. Great show, met up with a few of the Danfen (local and some who came into NYC for the show), and afterwards hung out with Lisa (who went to the show with me), and a woman named Jude. On Tue, Jude and I hooked up to see Bodies: The Exhibition, well worth the price of admission. I have to admit there were a few, er, items on display that were very difficult to view, but it is an amazing experience.

On Wednesday, I met with Brooklyn photographer Bill Wadman, who is almost halfway through his year-long project, which is to take photos of one person every day of the year, and upload one of them to his website. I applied to participate some weeks ago, after hearing about it from Derryl. He accepted my app, and took photos of me yesterday. The photo he chose to put on his site is here. What do you think?

Afterwards I went to see the play Frost/Nixon, which was and is brilliant. Frank Langella won the Tony Award last Sunday for his amazing performance as Richard Nixon in this play. Michael Sheen, last seen as Tony Blair in The Queen, was also great as David Frost. Later I hooked up again with Jude, and we saw Steely Dan perform one more time at The Beacon. A great day all around.

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.: I am in NYC near Chelsea. Flew in today from Edmonton. Flight from Edmonton to Minneapolis was on time and ahead of schedule, as was the flight from Mpls to La Guardia. Then the fun began. After landing at ~4:30, we the passengers waited about 90 minutes for our luggage to make it to the carousel. Then I waited an hour for a shuttle, which took another hour to traverse Manhattan, dropping off other passengers before arriving at The Leo House at – wait for it – about 8:15 pm. In other words, it took longer to get from La Guardia to Manhattan then to get from Minneapolis to La Guardia. So, no party in Mahway NJ at Noella’s house tonight, which means I’m missing her totally awesome cooking as well. At least I made it in one piece, and the weather isn’t stifling hot – yet.

This morning before leaving, I discovered that mail to randy@podbaydoor.com wasn’t working. Joy of joys, what crappy timing. I did everything I could before resorting to sending a message to my hosting service’s help desk (HD). Thankfully, Hosting Matters does respond to its customers quickly, and by the time I arrived in Mpls, a suggested solution had been passed on to me. With my laptop in my luggage, I had to wait until I arrived in Manhattan. Many messages have been swapped between the HD and me today, and as best I can tell, the problem seems to be half solved. I can send e-mail from randy@podbaydoor.com, but can’t receive any. So, if you need to reach me, please send to lightspeed@gmail.com for now, or my work e-mail.

Up next, brunch with Noella and her friends tomorrow, and hopefully visiting another friend, Gali, and her daughter, tomorrow as well. Steely Dan stuff begins on Monday.

Does anyone know where in Manhattan I can watch The Sopranos tomorrow night? The Leo House doesn’t subscribe to HBO. 🙁

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