The Fab Faux Does Side Two of Abbey Road

Posted in Miscellaneous on April 28th 2010 by Randy Reichardt

Watch this amazing video of The Fab Faux playing Side 2 of Abbey Road, beginning with You Never Give Me Your Money. Best. Beatles. Tribute. Band. Ever.

The Fab Faux – Abbey Road Side 2 (mostly) from The Fab Faux on Vimeo.

Whirlwind Winnipeg Visit

Posted in Miscellaneous on April 25th 2010 by Randy Reichardt

.: Spending a three-day weekend in Winnipeg. Arrived on Saturday morning, and surprised my Mom at the airport. She and my Dad gave their friend Jeanette a ride to the airport to catch a US-bound flight, and then my Dad suggested they grab a quick coffee before leaving. He had brought his camera with him, the story he told my mother was that he wanted to take a couple pictures of her at the airport. I was watching, and when her back was turned, I approached. Dad told her to turn around, and then she saw me. It was a nice way to surprise her.

Later that day we went to Mike and Susan’s for a bbq steak dinner, joined by Steve and Val. Then this morning Mike and Susan joined us, and my parents’ neighbour, Lynn, for dim sum. Winnipeg has great dim sum that also happens to be about the cheapest available anywhere. We followed dim sum with a quick Costco run. I’ll be back home tomorrow.

CAD vs USD: Equal to the 1/10,000th Degree

Posted in Miscellaneous on April 23rd 2010 by Randy Reichardt

.: It doesn’t get any closer than this, does it?



Posted in Miscellaneous on April 22nd 2010 by Randy Reichardt

.: I’ve done little with the new template, because I’ve been busy with other issues. In the past few weeks, I’ve been spending time assessing HDTV home theatre options, and finally settled on a package that included a Panasonic plasma tv, an Onkyo receiver, a set of Polk Audio speakers, and a Sony blu-ray player.  My good friend Geoff Harder was integral to the setup last Friday.  He helped me in a number of ways, including driving me to Best Buy to pick up the tv, which was too big to fit in my Corolla, and then spending hours helping me configure the components in my living room.   Details to come with photos sometime soon. And further work on the blog layout is also forthcoming.

Template Progress

Posted in Thesis Theme on April 6th 2010 by Randy Reichardt

.: I am continuing to make slow progress on the new look of my blog. I’ve migrated some of the category pages previously visible in the top right corner of pages like this one.  The problem is, of course, that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done – in other words, the same problem everyone I know faces on a daily basis.  I want to finish migrating these pages, and then begin editing their individual contents.  Many links are outdated and others now non-existent.  One thing I DO need to do is spend time with Thesis tutorials.  More to come…

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