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Wearing The Robes – A Little Pomp and Circumstance is a Good Thing

.: I have made progress in writing the draft of my first column for IRSQ. I spent most of today in my office, and a couple hours this evening, working on the column. Writing for me is a painfully slow process, having never studied it formally, and I often feel like I am in way over my head. Relief will be the felt when the essay is ready for submission, because it will be one less thing to do before leaving for NYC on Oct 7. I am still working on four presentations, three of which will be delivered next week, and one on Oct 17, the day after I return from NYC. That day, I will be attending the first of two conferences over a five-date period, but will come to campus to deliver a lecture to fourth-year chemical engineering design students in the afternoon.

On Sunday, I will be attending the Installation Ceremony for our new University President, Dr Indira Samarasekera. Because librarians at the University of Alberta are academic staff, we are eligible to wear academic apparel, i.e., the cap and gown, at functions such as convocation. University staff members were invited to attend the installation ceremony, and I accepted. I also accepted the invitation to participate in the academic procession, meaning I will be in academic dress appropriate for my degree (Master of Library Science), and will enter and sit with other faculty in a designated area in the Jubilee Auditorium during the ceremony.

I believe in the celebration of an accomplishment. A little pomp and circumstance, an acknowledgement of an achievement, is deserved and good for the soul. I missed the convocation ceremony for each of my two degrees, one in 1975 (BSc, U Manitoba) and one in 1978 (MLS, U Alberta.) When I am in academic gown at the President’s installation on Sunday, it will be in her honour that I am doing so, and I will be proud to be there on her behalf. On a personal level, it will also be an quiet opportunity to gently honour myself for six years of university education between1971 and 1978, which have brought me to where I am at this very second. Here’s to me. Finally.

Speaking of work, I recorded my first podcast. It’s called the iPod Walking Tour – Main Floor Services, of the Cameron Science and Technology Library. BTW, it’s the English version. 😉

4 Responses to “Wearing The Robes – A Little Pomp and Circumstance is a Good Thing”

  1. Tony Says:

    That’s a good reason to dress up. Get someone to take your picture and post it. Lemon yellow trim on the gown.

  2. steve 40 Says:

    It’s about time you took advantage of your position and were proud of it, you’ve earned it. Here’s to you from me.

  3. Loretta (mom) Says:

    Hi Randy: It truly is about time you give yourself the recognition you have always deserved. You worked hard, gave 100%, and it sure has paid off for you. Of course you know how proud we are of you. Being parents gives us the right to brag about you, and we do. Just thank God and enjoy.
    Luv ya!
    Mom & Dad

  4. Robert Says:

    I never went to my grads either, and never saw the point of grad until I had to go to grad for my students — watching them go through the ceremony, I finally understood it wasn’t about ME but about the people who had provided me with the moral support etc to do it. I feel sorry my mom never got to see me graduate. She would have liked that. And it would have been for me to do that whole rite of passage thing. So I try to be there for my students now.

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