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Random Thoughts

Last night I attended a party at a colleague’s house, and had a great time. The gang spilled out onto Whyte Avenue at midnight, with some of us ending up at The Commercial Hotel (blues bar), where I watched a blues band from Chicago mop up the floor with some great tunes. The lead guitarist was amazing, getting tones from his Stratocaster of which I can only dream. I made it into bed at 2:00 am, and couldn’t really get moving until 1:00 pm this afternoon – no hangover, mind you, it’s called “getting old(er)”.

I saw Star Trek Nemesis this afternoon, and agree with a number of critics who are calling it the best Trek film since The Wrath of Khan. The film features great performances from Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner and the newcomer, Tom Hardy. The film is dark and brooding, and a lot of fun. I suspended my disbelief and had a good time.

Recently I learned that the ATF, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, discovered my web site, and through a contact, asked me to remove certain references from it. Out of respect for this person, I made the necessary (very minor) changes. No, the integrity of my site is fine, and there was nothing bad, illegal, suspicious, etc., of note. At issue was a reference to someone I know who works for them, and they asked if I would remove the reference for this person’s protection. I did so, despite the fact that I live outside of their jurisdiction (duh). End of story.

Another website of fascination: soulbath.

I am finished my Christmas shopping, which wasn’t much to begin with, a handful of gifts for children, mostly. What’s left are my Christmas cards, which I make from cardstock and a chosen photo. The cards are ready to be personalized, what’s left to add is my annual letter. This year it will be shorter than usual, because I have this blog now.

There has been much talk in the news about taking religion and Christ out of Christmas, as in past years. To me, it’s tiresome. “We” are so worried in this era about offending anyone or being politically incorrect. Enough, already: Christmas is a Christian celebration and tradition. I’ll say “Merry Christmas”, and if that offends you, my apologies. So far, no one has ever been angry with me or corrected me for saying so. There’s even a commercial out in which they sing, “On the first day of giving, my true love gave to me…” Ridiculous and offensive from the get go.

One Response to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Karna Says:

    I agree Randy. Christmas IS a Christian holiday, so people should just stop being ridiculous. If we keep doing this with every religion, custom and practice that’s not of “our” belief, it will become a very boring world. Imagine if the world became homogenous. How dull! Let’s keep it real!

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