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Google View

One of the fun aspects of blogging is checking out someone else’s blog and discovering new information. From Geoff ‘s site I found the 2002 Year-End Google Zeitgeist, a review of “search patterns, trends and surprises.” An examination of the various charts suggests that pop culture rules the search engine domains, and a pop culture of the very young. I was surprised to see that the top athlete, the athlete with the mosts searches, was someone I’d not heard of, David Beckham, a British soccer player.

Keith has an interesting take on dealing with unreasonable people.

6 Responses to “Google View”

  1. Alfvaen Says:

    David Beckham is(or was?)married to Victoria Adams, a.k.a. “Posh Spice” of The Spice Girls. So his athleticism is not the main cause for his fame.

  2. Mike Says:

    My god Randy!!!!!!!! How could you have missed the existence of David Beckham? He’s been just about everywhere, media-wise. One of the most recognizable athletes around.

  3. randy Says:

    Hmm, well, I lost touch with the Spice Girls since my term as president of the local fan club ended in 1999. R

  4. Murph Says:

    Beckham is indeed still married to Posh. But he was bigger news for his hairstyle when he played the World Cup. You _do_ know about the World Cup, right? Or are you a Philistine?

  5. randy Says:

    I was aware of the World Cup. Now that you mention a Spice Girl, there is a dim memory of this guy. Emphasis on dim.

  6. fiona Says:

    I must say, I’m rather surprised that you haven’t heard of the Beckham…the man is everywhere…I am completely indifferent to sports but somehow I know who the Beckham is, the name of his son (Romeo), his popularity in Japan, and the fact that there is a Beckham video game!

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