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Up in Smoke, Cashing In?, and Rebuilding Lower Manhattan

A library specializing in the history of artificial intelligence, whose collection was built over a 20 year period by one librarian in particular, together with 150 work stations and equipment worth over 500,000 was destroyed by fire in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Dec 14th. Ouch! As a fellow librarian, I empathize with how hard it must be to come to terms with such a loss.

In Florida, a manufacturer is producing a set of trading cards which feature portraits of victims of the Sept 11 attacks. He apparently has the approval of the families of each victim shown on the individual cards, which will sell for $2.50US each. Families will receive 8% royalties. The manufacturer denies he is cashing in on tragedy, but rather, is “providing a service to these families.” Do you agree? I don’t – I think it’s really difficult to justify this. I might be more amenable if all the profits went to charity after costs, but that isn’t possible when a for-profit enterprise is behind such a product.

Today in NYC, another seven new plans for the rebuilding of the WTC site were unveiled. My first reactions are not that positive, but I believe I need to study the designs further. The design from Richard Meier and Partners appears as an enormous hash mark from a distance, for example. You can see them here, and vote for your choice. Clicking on each entry opens another window with different views of the proposed sites, and each graphic within the new window moves while you are looking at it, a nice touch. (Warning: pop-up windows)

5 Responses to “Up in Smoke, Cashing In?, and Rebuilding Lower Manhattan”

  1. Limegirl Says:

    Perhaps my taste is somewhat pedestrian, but the WTC site proposals look like ass. In fact, I find the first and last buildings so hideous, that I can’t decide which one I hate more.

  2. Pam Says:

    I like the hash mark building! It looks like a giant, mutant Shreddie.

  3. randy Says:

    A “giant mutant Shreddie”? Pam, you’re a FREAK! 🙂 Limegirl, perhaps upon subsequent viewing you might change your mind. I think everyone will have initial negative feelings towards whatever architectural ideas are considered for the WTC site. Check them again in a few days and decide if you feel the same way.

  4. Limegirl Says:

    Okay, okay. I can’t argue with a giant mutant Shreddie.

  5. steph Says:

    also up in smoke: the Belle Angele (lovely little club/gig-venue-type-place) and the Gilded Saloon (key Fringe Festival venue, and the place where some of britain’s best-known comedians started out). they’re tearing some of the damaged buildings down now. it’s a pretty grim sight.

    all the wtc proposals look a bit minging… and that *is* a giant mutant shreddie!

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