The Fab Faux Does Side Two of Abbey Road

Watch this amazing video of The Fab Faux playing Side 2 of Abbey Road, beginning with You Never Give Me Your Money. Best. Beatles. Tribute. Band. Ever.

The Fab Faux – Abbey Road Side 2 (mostly) from The Fab Faux on Vimeo.

One Response to “The Fab Faux Does Side Two of Abbey Road”

  1. Terry Krahn Says:

    This is great. One of my fav song in the world.

    PS I went to Abbey Road about April 26 this year. Another checkmark on the life list. Bev, Nicole and I walked THE crosswalk, saw Abbey Rd studios among other Beatles historical sites. We are going to Supertramp tonight ( June 4 ..with Russ Kimmett). I am wearing a wig right now and a tie dyed t-shirt…. Livin’ the 70’s dream. Nicole (10 now) is quite a piano player; thinking ofteaching/teasing her some guitar this summer, her hands are still a little small… We should talk sometime.

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