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Snow Quiet

It snowed today in Edmonton. Not the first heavy snowfall, that was in early November, but it melted later that month. Until yesterday, the grass in Edmonton was covered in frost. Now there is a lot of snow on the ground – it’s a pain to drive, but we need the moisture, and the x-c skiers are besides themselves with joy. First permanent snow of the winter: Dec 29. Not too bad. And less than 12 weeks of winter left. Cool.

In other news that’s too exciting to handle, I began cleaning up and down and around my house this afternoon. It feels good to rid oneself of old papers, knick-knacks, curious, doo-dads, and everything else in between. Now that I’m on a roll, I’ll do more tomorrow. But not before a workout in the morning. With luck, I’ll see Rabbit Proof Fence on Monday night.

What are your plans for Dec 31? I’m going to a house party, and will be wishing my Mom a Happy 70th Birthday.


5 Responses to “Snow Quiet”

  1. sharon Says:

    oh i wont be doing anything on new year’s eve. I would probably go home since there will be too many people out and about. and i’m not exactly a “people person.”

    Happy New Year!

  2. tracy Says:

    Hey Randy! It was nice meeting you too!
    Took a peek at your site over the weekend, and meant to comment: I love the design. Have you only been doing this for a few months?

    I don’t expect to outgrow Blogger for awhile yet, but I do know the natural course of things is to improve and get bitter until one turns to MT.

    P.S. As for New Year’s–we intend to twirl about on an outdoor skating pond and drink champagne. I haven’t decided in what order yet.

  3. jennifer Says:

    we do our usual – get a shrimp ring and some porn. we are very predictable.

    and whats with all these meeting of people and i wasn’t there? this is so like high school.

  4. randy Says:

    Jen, the question is, what KIND of porn? Boobs porn to help you realize this…obsession? Hmm. And a shrimp ring? Dunno… 😉

  5. jennifer Says:

    i love shrimp and cocktail sauce. i don’t know why we don’t eat it more often. what type of porn? the less gynecological the better if you know what i mean.

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