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Chelsea Evening

.: Greetings from a Starbucks café in NYC, where it is drizziling and about 22C, actually kind of pleasant. The flight in was uneventful, and for the first time, I ate no airline junk munchies, and drank only ice water on the two flights (Edmonton-Toronto-La Guardia). I haven’t been here since June of 2003, when Geoff and I attended SLA, but it feels like I was here last week. I’m staying at The Leo House for (at least) the seventh time, and they recognized me when I came through the door. In the immediate neighbourhood, I have noticed a few new shops and restaurants and such, which is good, and G will be pleased to know that the Krispy Kreme is still close by! 🙂 Not that I need another doughnut.

So that said, I’m off to find some fresh fruit and bottled water…

One Response to “Chelsea Evening”

  1. Tony Says:

    Mmm. Donuts. Mike, Steve and I stopped for coffee and donuts at Robins on Sunday morning, raise the blood sugar for the rest of the ride to St. Francis. We would have gone to Tim Horton if there was one near the perimeter on Portage. No Crispy Creme in Winnipeg, alas.

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