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Weblogging Along

::Geoff and I are near completion of the first draft of an article we are submitting for publication in the journal Feliciter, on the topic of blogging in libraries. Meanwhile, more and more articles are appearing in mainstream newspapers and magazines on this burgeoning phenomena. Web of blogs, a typical article designed to make readers aware of this new web activity, appeared recently in the The Journal News, the newspaper for New York’s Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties. In Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette is an interesting piece on how blogging (almost) changed journalism (thanks, Mike). For some, blogging is an unrelenting assault on journalism.

An interesting article in the USC Online Journalism Review compares media versus meta-journal coverage of the Columbia disaster. The author asserts that the meta-journal coverage is more complete, and notes that “It’s no accident that these columns are in weblog format, and that they have loyal industry followings.” The Review also examined mainstream media coverage of the Columbia, noting the power of the Internet and blogging.

Far and away the most detailed coverage I’ve seen on this event was posted by Steve McLaughlin in his blog, Saltire. His first entry includes details about the shuttle itself, possible scenarios, and debris reports. To appreciate his coverage, check each entry since February 1st. I am overwhelmed by the amount of detail he has offered since Feb 1, and frankly, I wonder how he does it.

Next up is wireless blogging. Meanwhile, academia is begging to recognize blogs and their impact, now and beyond. Check out the education weblog called Weblogg-ed.

3 Responses to “Weblogging Along”

  1. zuchris Says:

    It’s unfortunate that as the popularity and maybe even the validity of blogs becomes more established, they are still not taken seriously. A while back, I applied for an ISSN through the National Library of Canada and was flatly refused. The reason? “An online diary is considered to be a personal website and is no longer assigned an ISSN.” – direct quote from an e-mail from Ottawa

  2. Stephen Says:

    Keep on writing! I’m happy to see an early draft.

    Signed – your Feliciter editor.

  3. Malins blog Says:

    I väntans tider

    Idag på jobbet skickade vi in en projektansökan till Bibsam. Det var premiär för mig så jag hoppas verkligen vi…

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