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You Can’t Handle The Truth!

¦¦Imagine receiving a phone call from Jack Nicholson (courtesy The Morning News.)

¦¦Sunday began with dim sum, after which I returned home and fell asleep again for 90 minutes. I dragged myself to the Y for a workout, then went to dinner at a friend’s place, then returned to watch Kingpin and L&O:CI. Tomorrow is a holiday in Alberta, time for more laying about and doing lots of nothing.

4 Responses to “You Can’t Handle The Truth!”

  1. jennifer Says:

    Amen brother! I love the Kingpin and L&O. Can’t get enough.

  2. sharon Says:

    hmmm… dim sum..

  3. Geoff Says:

    Very funny, R! It’s a good thing the DJ didn’t use sound clips from “The Shining.” I think her heart might have stopped beating.

    I think you watch too much TV (coming from the guy that watched 4 movies this weekend).

  4. Billy Says:

    Loved the phone call! Have a nice holiday.

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