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Pizza Morons From Manitoba

It’s lunchtime here at the ol’ SciTech Library, and as I munch down my spinach salad, covered with cooked chicken breast, tomato, and shredded mild cheddar cheese, I discovered a story that makes me so proud to have been born and raised in Manitoba. A pizza delivery driver in Selkirk MB, also a single mother, stopped to help a gunshot victim, and was dismissed from her job shortly afterwards. In fact, her boss had driven by and saw her before she’d even left the scene. He stopped and told a policeman that she would be dismissed. The manager noted: “She wasn’t dismissed because she was at the shooting scene,” he said. “She was away from her job for no good reason” (my highlight).

The story is receiving North American press coverage. The Winnipeg Sun received dozens of e-mails denouncing the restaurants owners and calling for a boycott.

Now that’s compassion defined, dontcha think? I hope the residents in Selkirk rally around her, and stop buying pies from Frank’s Pizza. Maybe it needs a new slogan: Our Pies Are Delivered Hot, Unless You Get Shot. The story has been picked up internationally, and the manager, Jason Boyd, is getting skewered royally. Read some of the comments on I encourage you to submit comments here as well.

4 Responses to “Pizza Morons From Manitoba”

  1. Michael Hall Says:

    The latest I read in the newswire this afternoon is that the owner is still closemouthed and the woman who got fired is asking people not to boycott the pizza place because her friends may lose their jobs if it closes. To complicate matters, she admitted to giving friends rides from time to time against her bosses’s instructions, so from his viewpoint the latest incident was not the first. That said, his insensitivity and stupidity hits new record lows. It may also be a case where the spotlight of the media works and effects change in a good way — what other boss is going to want to ne portrayed like this guy is being villified?

  2. randy Says:

    Yes, you’re right on all counts. She is regretful of a possible boycott, but as you say, how insensitive and downright stupid could Jason Boyd be? It’s unbelievable.

  3. Steve Says:

    Yikes. What’s unbelievable is the sympathy the girl is getting.

    She had been away from the store, without peremission, for two hours, on the owner’s dime. Only the last minute or so with the victim. She was out driving her friends around. The owner should have fired her long ago.

    Luckilly there’s further coverage in the paper today revealing what an idiot the girl was. As the Free Press said today after they revealed the background… “Not much of a story when you know the whole thing, is it?”

    If the owner had been a little more on the ball he’d have waited until the next time she was away before firing her. Nobody would have cared.

  4. randy Says:

    Perhaps so, Mike – maybe she is the slack butt you say is. Regardless, the owner blew it, and he blew it big time. Does this guy have any functional brain cells? What in hell was he thinking in terms of timing?

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