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U2 Pictures

.: Some reviews and photos from the 11 Oct 2005 concert at MSG, which Mary and I attended, are up on the website. This review includes photos taken from approximately the same section of the Gardens in which Mary and I were sitting (or standing, actually.) You can see the oval stage, including one shot with the oval lit in red light. Here is one more good picture of the oval. From the 10 Oct 2005 show, here is a shot of the curtains of lights that appeared during some of the songs.

Other pictures are available within fan reviews from the MSG shows on October 8th and October 7th. I’m thinking I might try to get a ticket for the Friday show…

.: The rain in NYC has been falling since Wednesday morning, with no immediate let up in sight. Oh, and call it a weakness, but I was able to find a ticket to the U2 show on Friday night at MSG, so…I’m going again. Life is short, let’s have some fun.

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