You Can’t Take It With You

.: I am in the midst of my 27th trip to NYC. Ostensibly, the reason I came this time was to attend a Knovel Library Advisory Board meeting, which happened on Monday and Tuesday this week. Now it’s Wednesday morning, and I’m preparing to check out of the hotel and move to the Upper East Side (East 91st Street) for the next four days.

Last night I saw this play, and really enjoyed it. I especially loved Annaleigh Ashford‘s performance. Annaleigh plays Betty on Masters of Sex. She plays Rose Byrne’s sister, and her character dreams of being a dancer, so most of her moves on stage are that of a ballerina. Clearly she had taken ballet lessons, because she moved easily and fluidly back and forth, to extremes that had the audience roaring with laughter.

I’ve also seen two movies: Gone Girl and Birdman (Or: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance.) One of the fascinating aspects of Birdman is that the movie is made to appear as one continuous shot.

Tonight it’s dinner at Strip House with my friend, Barbara.

Upcoming on Friday, I’ll be spending most of the day with my friend, Nisa. We will go to Roosevelt Island, have dinner, watch the Village Halloween Parade, and then we’re going on the Haunted Halloween Walk, which is probably one of these. Saturday night it’s the Justin Hayward concert, then home on Sunday morning.

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  1. steve 40 Says:

    I would love to see a Justin Hayward concert. How did the concert go? Hope everything went well on the trip.

  2. Randy Reichardt Says:

    .: The Justin Hayward concert was great. His guitarist opened with his own set, then he was joined by his guitarist and a female keyboard/synth player. He opened with Tuesday Afternoon, and many times during the set he would chat with the audience. The concert was held in a venue that used to be an old church, so everyone was sitting in pews.

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