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Hiatus On Hold

For Reasons Unknown, the problem I’ve had all week connecting from home to my website has dissipated for now. I’ll leave well enough alone and end talk of it here.

We have war, a new disease, airlines in bankruptcy, really cold and unseasonable weather, and in the midst of all that, this.

We’re in a time when being publicly critical is not in vogue. Kathleen Parker is an American journalist whose nationally syndicated column runs in >300 papers, including the Salt Lake City Tribune. When Tribune staffers learned that her 19 March 2003 column was an unflattering piece about Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart, they petitioned the editorial page editor not to run her column, which is what happened. In the eyes of other Tribune editors and columnists, it amounted to censorship. Parker contends that since the return of Elizabeth Smart to her family, Ed Smart has been mugging before the cameras non-stop, and that he’s, well, kinda creepy. Do you agree? (Do you care?)

One Response to “Hiatus On Hold”

  1. kelly Says:

    Many people have said that about Ed Smart. He looks very creepy and smarmy and … not right.

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