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All RSS, All The Time

Props to Heavy G for his extended entry on RSS (Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary – where RDF means Resource Description Framework). Head hurting already? Well, mine has been for some time, as I try to stay on the information superhighway, rather than in the ditch, changing a virtual flat tire.

Geoff cuts through the quagmire of RSS, RDF, XML with a few timely tips and lucid explanations. (Am I lucky that his office is right next to mine? Duh.) Take the time to read his posting and you’ll see a reference to an experiment I tried a few days ago. Suffice it to say that it hasn’t worked, but it was worth the try. I realized afterwards that trying to move an extended discussion spanning five listservs at once, over to a blog set up to collate the responses, isn’t going to work unless you convince the participants to join you, in advance. That said, the idea of creating a subject-specific library blog for, say, engineering librarians, continues to intrigue me.

I am working through Geoff’s entry in an attempt to learn more about this subject and its applications. If you are interested as well, take the time and learn from an up-and-coming master.

In other exciting news, I met with the sports physician today re: my continuing tennis elbow condition in my left arm. While it could take months to heal, I can play guitar and mandolin without too much difficulty, while at the same time abandoning free and machine weight exercises involving those muscles for the time being. I will return for a shot of cortisone in May, which given the area of injection, is predicted by the doctor to be very painful. Am I having fun yet?

The good news is that after six weeks of Stott Pilates classes, I’m already noticing an improvement in the form of the absence of lower back pain and stronger muscles in the abs region.

3 Responses to “All RSS, All The Time”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Hi Randy! In regards to your tennis elbow – have you ever thought about trying some acupuncture? Might be less painful. I’ve never had it but my boss swears by his (get this) Italian Naturopath doctor who specializes in ancient Chinese medicine. I swear I will e-mail you an actual letter soon. Take care!

  2. kelly Says:

    Are you taking the pilates at the Y?

    Also, I found this the other day on another blog about the museum lootings in Baghdad.

  3. randy Says:

    Darcy, thanks for the tip. When I went for five physical therapy session, the therapist tried acupuncture each time, to no avail. That said, I’m still interested in pursuing this, and may do so.

    Kelly, thanks for the additional link. Now comes word that the looting may have been planned in advance by professional thieves – amazing and even more sad. The Pilates class is at the Y – if you are interested, there is a drop-in class on Wed nights at 8:30 pm. I think the charge is $10 for non-members.

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