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.: As I continue working on a new site format, I have been viewing quite a few WordPress themes on this site. The current theme at the moment is Wuhan Black Letterhead

Eventually, I will migrate the previous PBD entries.

5 Responses to “Themes”

  1. Tony Says:

    This entry says you are using the Wuhan theme. At of Sunday you are in Blackletterhead, as far as I can tell. Are you running the new blog from a subdirectory? Is there a path to the index page for the old blog?

    Why aren’t you out cycling?

  2. Linda Says:

    Do regular readers get to vote on their favo(u)rite theme?

  3. randy Says:

    Sure, if you like. For now, I am partial to this style. Which ones do you prefer, Linda?

  4. Tony Says:

    The black letterhead theme has a couple of visual draw backs. Some of the text like the Posted information text that attaches to each post, and the link hover colour are very faint. The sans-serif font works at relatively small font sizes, but it is hard on the eyes. I think I am supposed to be able to resize text at the browser end and that should work in Firefox whether your fonts are set in pixels or ems.

  5. Linda Says:

    I like the other style (Wuhan) better because it is easier to read…but, I’ll keep reading, regardless. I just like to be included! (Of course, you all will get to vote on my style too, when I start a blog!

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