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Not A New York Ending

.: My last day in NYC was a lousy one. My throat hurt considerably, making it difficult to swallow any food or water. The shuttle picked me up four hours before my flight, so I had to wait at LaGuardia for three hours before the flight left at 1530 hrs. Unfortunately, the flight didn’t leave until 1640 hrs, and my connecting flight to Edmonton was scheduled for 1815 hrs. The flight arrived at 1740 hrs, taxied for about 15 minutes, I cleared customs, waited another 20 minutes for my luggage, by which time the Edmonton flight was gone. Air Canada personnel were of little help (duh), the Lester B Pearson Airport in Toronto is a behemoth, and navigating it is a frustrating challenge. After clearing the customs area, I was stopped because I was carrying an apple, and had to clear the apple before proceeding further. Apparently British Columbia doesn’t like apples from other countries brought into Canada, but because I was going to Alberta, I was given the green light to proceed. Imagine my relief!

I was given a new boarding pass for the next flight to Edmonton, which left four hours later. Well, check that – four hours and forty minutes later, as Air Canada had yet another delay. No aisle seats were available, leaving me with a window seat next to someone who ensured that he had full use of the arm rests. I was crunched in on both sides. The plane was full, and warm, which meant I was uncomfortably warm as well. I spent the trip praying for patience while I sucked two rolls of Hall’s cough drops and drank ice water. I watched two episodes of Harvey Birdman and one of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Finally we landed, but the Edmonton Air Canada ground crew wasn’t quite ready for the plane to dock at the gate. Er, like, whatinhell were they doing otherwise? This is Edmonton, not O’Hare or LaGuardia. Margaret was waiting for me, to give me a ride home at 0100 hrs. Thank God for good friends.

Note to self: never use the phrases “Air Canada” and “customer service” in the same sentence.

So I am at home, the throat is still sore, and I am missing Day One, and probably Day Two of Access 2005. I will also miss a class I am scheduled to teach in 30 minutes in Chemical Engineering 464, the design class.

This is not the way anyone wants to end a trip, and flying home while not feeling well is a slow form of torture. I hope you have a better week. I think I will watch some Rome episodes, and go back to bed.

One Response to “Not A New York Ending”

  1. darcy Says:

    Sorry you’re feeling so crappy 🙁

    Toronto airport is notorious. I sure hated it the one time I went through. I know fellow expats who had the CIS there deliberately delay their TN procedings until their flights had left. No reason but to make them miss the plane for fun. bah.

    Get lots of rest and get well soon….

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