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Various and Sundry

:: As I type this, the rink announcer in Dallas just announced, “Last minute of play, in the 7th period.” The game between the Dallas Stars and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim is now the fourth longest in NHL history.

:: What the hey? All this stuff was found in Uday’s Pleasure Palace?

:: Interested in RSS? Read’s Geoff’s piece, then check out this list of RSS Readers.

:: Many of the states in the USA are in deep financial trouble. In Missouri, the governor ordered every third lightbulb unscrewed to save money. (May require registration.)

:: “Is this the dawning of the age of hysteria?” You be the judge.

:: From the Sunday 20 April 2003 NYTimes: “THE RETURN OF SEATTLE Out of the ashes of grunge, Seattle rock has risen again, with bands like the Chromatics, Blood Brothers, Akimbo, Minus the Bear and Pretty Girls Make Graves. Most make a post-punk fracas of harcore, metal-indie-rock, occasional dashes of electronica and T-shirts that are two sizes too small.” (Neil Strauss, Section 2, p24.)

:: In the 8th period (5th overtime), Anaheim won the game.

2 Responses to “Various and Sundry”

  1. Michael Hall Says:

    You’ve got to get more sleep, man.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Every third light bulb unscrewed? That’s bizarre!

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