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Good Sunday Mornin’! :-)


:: Ah, Sunday morning, late April, in Edmonton. The sun is shining, the temperatures beginning to get warm, the birds singing, the kids playing. A nice, hot cuppa joe, the NYTimes, sitting under the canopy in the back yard, and – what? Snow? You’re looking out from my driveway at 10:00 MDT this morning. This is to what we woke up in Edmonton this morning. But it was nowhere near as bad as Calgary, and the rest of southern and central Alberta. I did spend 15 minutes bashing the snow from my Juniper trees, whose branches were bending over from the weight of the very, very wet snow.

:: The year is nearly 1/3 over, and it always seems to be going so quickly. Tomorrow at work we begin two weeks of “spring training”, consisting of a number of in-house workshops and training sessions. In the midst of this, I’ll try to get some regular work done. I’m working on a presentation I will give on June 10 in NYC at the annual SLA Conference, and there is a forthcoming presentation on edu-blogs, which I will be presenting with Geoff on May 22nd.

:: I’m considering cancelling my subscription to the Edmonton Journal, which is more and more under control of its parent body, and offering less local opinion and editorials. In Edmonton and Calgary, we have two dailies, one to the right (The Journal), and one to the far, far right. Essentially, it is not possible to get balanced news reporting in Alberta, ever. The other exciting news of the day is that I ordered 4 new Michelin tires at Costco, where there is a $60 sale on said Michelin tires. Life doesn’t get any better!

:: The good news about the weather is that it will warm up in less than 24 hours, and be back to the mid-teens (Celsius) by Tuesday. The ski resorts in the mountains get to stay open a bit longer, and the farmers in Alberta get much needed precipitation as they prepare for seeding.

“Always look on the bright….side of life!”

4 Responses to “Good Sunday Mornin’! :-)”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Oh my god. I wait until MAY!!!! to spend three days in Edmonton and you guys can’t even get the weather to cooperate just this much. Jeez. Melt, I say, Melt.

    Watching crudy snow from Toronto. At least the wet and icy cold there might kills SARS . . .?

  2. jenB Says:

    my doctor told me this morning that her mom used to call wet spring snow “shite manure” because it is so good for gardens and farming. ha!

  3. P-G Eriksson Says:

    Thanks for the warning! I’ll be there visiting relatives for the very first time mid-August. I’ll pack my snow-shoes.

    The pic kinda reminds me of april where I live though…

    Per-Gunnar Eriksson
    Sweden (an the north part of it)

  4. The Pod Bay Door Says:

    Let It Snow

    Below, I mentioned the snow to which we woke up last Sunday. Well, that snow melted, we had a few…

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