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Ghosts in the Connectivity Machine

This morning, at 12:45 am or so, I lost my connection from my home computer to my web site (sitting on a server in Edmonton). This morning it still wasn’t working. Connecting to my site from other machines worked fine, and is still working at this moment (else I couldn’t post this). I called my hosting service, who said everything was fine, and advised that e-mails are preferred over phone calls. OK, whatever. Meanwhile, this problem, which has happened before, and neither my ISP nor my hosting service could decipher the problem. I’ll check it from home again tonight, and decide what to do next.

I’m growing ever so weary of this.

Update at 5:00 pm – D’OH! What a doofus (I am). While getting pinged repeatedly last night, I loaded a range of IP addresses into my Restricted Zone that included my own IP address. (Slaps self upside the head).

2 Responses to “Ghosts in the Connectivity Machine”

  1. Rory Says:

    Ah….the vagaries of 1ís and 0ís telling tales. I bought a new Powermac and just spent 2 days getting a router config that allowed me online. I always enjoy your content and your links for a local persective.

  2. randy Says:

    Rory: Thanks for the kind words. Something weird is happening between my house and the server’s home base. Telus couldn’t find the problem last time. The server is fine (I’m on the page now). So it’s slowly driving me mad.

    Please visit again! – Randy

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