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A Question of Balance

:: I’ve watched this blog unfold and grow since July 2002 (when it was a Blogger site), never really knowing what my next entry will be. I’ve waffled back and forth between posting library-related entries, and everything-else-besides-libraries entries. Recently I started another blog, The (sci-tech) Library Question, which may soon take on a collaborative life of its own, and is a place for me to post library-related items of interest to colleagues working in science, engineering, math, life sciences, agriculture libraries, and the like. Geoff and many others are doing a stellar job of covering an increasingly widening array of library issues on a daily basis.

All of that said, I may choose to concentrate on the rest of my interests here, at the risk of boring my six or seven regular readers. For example, I’m fifteen minutes away from leaving to see The Good Thief. At work today, I neared completion of my talk on guerrila marketing of engineering libraries, to be presented as part of a panel at SLA in NYC on June 10th. Is anyone else watching 24 and cursing when each episode ends? How weird is this? Scientists have discovered a bizarre jellyfish in deep California coastal water.

Snow is still on the ground, the sky is still dark and grey, and I am all over the place.

3 Responses to “A Question of Balance”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Did you notice The Question got Shifted?

    I would like to figure out a way to cross post my scitech library related postings to The Question so that I don’t have to double-post to two blogs (one is hard enough!). I wonder if this is possible…

  2. randy Says:

    Hey, that’s cool! Almost validates the little blog‘s existence to have one of the Big Blogs trackback it! But did you notice that Jenny found my posting via the Library Stuff posting? And that she mentions Mark Roesner as well?

    As for simultaneous cross-posting to two MT blogs, send that one to the Trott Family and see if they can solve it for you!

  3. STephen Says:

    The Good Thief was great. Zac and I saw it at the TIFF and gacve it 4 thumbs up.

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