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:: I run Norton Internet Security, and it detects incoming UDP packets, and warns that someone is trying to access a port on your computer. The warning lists the IP address from where the attempt originates. I found a good freeware program called WhoIs View, which lets you see full details of the IP address, including the range of IP addresses if applicable. Plugging in the range into the Personal Firewall settings is made easy as a result.

:: I saw The Good Thief tonight, and it’s a marvelous movie, very stylish, with great performances from Nick Nolte, Tchéky Karyo, and a newcomer, Nutsa Kukhianidze, as Anne. This review is accurate in its observations, including noting the brilliant cinematography of two-time Oscar winner Chris Menges.

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  1. Niels Says:


    I need a software to find the adress from the email user!


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