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Archive of American Television

.: While researching another topic, I discovered this post on the Official Google Blog, regarding the Archive of American Television. From its web site:

The Archive of American Television strives to preserve the rich history of television by videotaping interviews with the individuals who pioneered the medium.

We have rare, in-depth interviews with those behind the scenes as well as television’s biggest stars including: news legends WALTER CRONKITE, DON HEWITT, and DAVID BRINKLEY, actors ALAN ALDA, OSSIE DAVIS, and MARY TYLER MOORE, writer/producers NORMAN LEAR, CARL REINER, and AARON SPELLING, and executives FRED SILVERMAN, SUMNER REDSTONE, and TED TURNER.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology, this Archive will be a digital encyclopedia of television, accessible worldwide by students, historians, and the public. In fact, the Archive has covered virtually every social, economic and cultural events of the 20th Century, which will be used to educate and inspire future generations.

Award winning producer-executives Grant A. Tinker, David L. Wolper, Dean Valentine, and Television Academy Foundation Chair Emeritus Thomas W. Sarnoff are guiding the project’s success.

I’ll definitely check this out, especially after seeing the brilliant new movie, Good Night, and Good Luck in NYC two weeks ago, easily one of the best films of 2005. It isn’t playing in Canada yet (maybe Toronto), but when it arrives, I’ll see it again. Highly recommended.

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