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Apple, The Big & Movies You’ll Want to See

:: One conference down, one still to come. Geoff and I fly to NYC tomorrow to attend SLA. It’s my 12th SLA, and 12th trip to NYC. Coincidence? The EBL conference was a blast – I learned a bit more about evidence based librarianship, and met dozens of fascinating and interesting people from Canada, USA, Norway, the UK, France, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. More of the same awaits us in NYC. I’ll try to post during the next few days, but no guarantees. Will write again soon.

:: Oh, and have you heard about the war of word between Roger Ebert and Vincent Gallo? Gallo’s new movie, The Brown Bunny, was screened at Cannes last month, and is now pretty much considered one of the worst film ever shown at the festival.

:: And this is too cool: three 12-year old boys began shooting a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1982. They finished when they were 18, in 1988. Fifteen years later, in 2003, word is out that the film exists, and the RoTLA director Stephen Spielberg has given the trio a big thumbs up. Watch the trailer here: An article about the film appears in the Austin Chronicle. (From Slashdot via William Gibson.)

I must see these two movies.

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