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NYC Report 5

:: It’s cooler here today, and my neck is hurting again (left side). Geoff and I had a nice visit with Leo and Diane Dillon last night, as well as their son Lee and his partner Greg. Diane made a wonderful chicken dinner with two salads. Much wine was consumed as we visited for almost 4 hours!

In addition to cooler weather, it’s misty in NYC today. This is a lazy day for me, I’m exhausted from the conference. Geoff is off visiting the Met, and we’re hoping to catch a play on Sunday. Tomorrow night we’ll be at Caroline’s to see Darrell Hammond. I’m hoping to see two or three movies next week before returning to Edmonton on Thursday, June 19.

:: My favorite headline of the year so far: Adam Ant arrested after removing his pants

:: BTW, this is my 200th posting.

One Response to “NYC Report 5”

  1. dr.T. Says:

    IF you have ants in your pants, what else can you do?

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