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NYC Report 6

:: The last two days have been active. Yesterday Geoff and I walked around the South Street Seaport area, where we bought tickets at the TKTS booth to see La Boheme, which was amazing! Following that, we crossed Broadway, and saw Darrell Hammond at Caroline’s. He was a hoot! Earlier in the day, we rode the Staten Island Ferry, which is now free of charge.

This morning was a trip up the Empire State Building. It took 90 minutes from entering the building until we made it to the 86th floor observation deck. After my bag was x-rayed, I was asked to pull out my Swiss army knife. It was given to a guy in a suit who started to bag and ticket it for pickup when I came down, but then he stopped, looked at me and asked, “Where are you from?”. I said, “Edmonton”, and he gave the knife back to me and said it was ok.

Tonight Geoff and I plan to see Carolyn Leonhart perform at Smoke. No cover charge! Geoff leaves tomorrow, I’ll be back on Thursday. Also, today the humidity is way down, and it hasn’t rained (like it’s been doing every other day this week).

2 Responses to “NYC Report 6”

  1. kelly Says:

    My favourite time to go up on the Empire State is at sunset. It’s gorgeous to watch the city fall asleep.

  2. Kenton Says:

    Glad to see they are using such an unbiased screening technique. I accidentally brought a can of shaving cream to the Statue of Liberty last year (long story). Anyway, they X-rayed the bag and did not even open it to see what it was. I was shocked.

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