NYC Redux

:: Overheard (many times) in NYC: “You don’t get HBO in Canada? Seriously?”

:: I was in the Strand, the best bookstore on the planet, inquiring about a book, can’t remember the title. Strand employee (young woman): “We have three copies, but they are on hold for other people. If you want, I can put a hold on the title for you.” Me: “That’s ok, I’m just visiting from Canada for a few days.” Strand Girl: “No problem, we ship overseas.”

:: At a bar on Avenue A: “I’ll have a Corona, please”. Bartender: “That’ll be four dollars”. I give her a five, and braindead, I keep the change. A number of us wait to go into the lounge to watch a comedian, where there is a two-drink minimum. Bartender to waitress: “Make sure that guy buys two drinks.” Me (incredulous, looking at her): “You mean me?” She ignores me. To the waitress: “The guy with the glasses, he doesn’t tip.” Realizing my faux pas, and feeling like scum from beneath the earth, I return and offer the bill to her, and she says, “Thank you.” Further words are exchanged as we enter the lounge, including mention that I’m from Canada.

After the show: I approach her and offer a fiver, saying, “My apologies again, and please don’t think less of Canadians.” She accepts the bill, and announces: “I LOVE Canadians.” Half an hour later we are still in the bar, milling about. She calls me over, and offers me a shot of something, maybe tequila, and she has one as well. We toast and laugh and make friends, and I thank her. On the way out she tells me her name is Nikki. I bid her farewell, and my friends and I head out into the night.

2 Responses to “NYC Redux”

  1. jenB Says:

    For four bucks US for a beer I would expect a kiss with some tongue.

  2. randy Says:

    And if she’d have offered me a tongue kiss, I would have right there for her, Jen! (I.e.: she was, like, angry-sexy…yum!)

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