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The Five-O Cusp

:: Thanks for letting me self-indulge a bit in the previous entry. Already I’ve received some early birthday greetings from colleagues at work, who decorated a bit of my office with balloons, inflatable guitars, and a neat poster with pix and commentary. I think I’m feeling better about all of this. It is difficult to mope about a birthday when you blessed enough to be surrounded by so many people who care about you. For this I am always grateful.

3 Responses to “The Five-O Cusp”

  1. Morrie Says:

    Randy, Belated birthday greetings. As a 52 y.o. I can say, mate, there’s nothing wrong with reaching 50. It’s like getting to know fine wine and good cheese. Some things are better aged than brash and immature. Take care and have a great year, and thanks for a wonderful blog.

  2. randy Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Morrie, and not to worry, the birthday’s tomorrow, actually, 1:06 AM Central Time, 28 June 1953. Life is sweet.

  3. jenB Says:

    Pretend I put 50 old boots or something on your lawn. It is the thought that counts anyhow right? Happy Birthday lovely!

    xoxoxoxoxox Jen

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