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The Day, So Far

Although my birthday isn’t for a few more hours (12:06 am MDT, June 28), I have received some generous birthday wishes from my fellow staff members here at the library. This included chocolates, an Irish beanie baby bear named Erin, a beautiful cake, a few silly gifts like an over-the-hill emergency medical bracelet, a few cards, and an office filled with balloons, banners and a poster. Geoff, using his PDA, recorded a few moments for posterity and for the archives, viewable in QuickTime.

3 Responses to “The Day, So Far”

  1. meghan Says:

    hey, randy. happy birthday in a short while!

    i told my friend who wants to write her masters’ paper on blogs and libraries that i had met you & geoff at sla, and she asked if you had talked about blogs. perhaps you could contact her in person. her blog is at
    i had sent her the link to the article y’all wrote back in may.

    in response to a comment from the 26th, i’m a libra, and i’ve frequently had birthday parties outside. different climate.


  2. Murph Says:

    The video moved me to tears. Once again, you’re 10 years older than me. Have a happy one, man!


  3. sharon Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Hope you had a wonderful time 🙂

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