Mixed-Bag Special 03.07.01

:: This busy 4-day weekend continues. My folks will be here until July 2, when I return to work. I’ve been consuming too much of my mother’s cooking, and can hear the YMCA rear-driven cross trainers calling my name. I registered for another Pilates class, beginning July 3rd. Saw The Italian Job today, and Moonlight Mile tonight. Things falling apart in my house, including a toilet, a folding door, and leaky taps, were all repaired by this evening. A $110 cheque I thought I’d shredded by accident was found some time later – turns out I shredded the claim form instead.

:: Have you noticed how things go missing? Recently, maybe a week ago, I found an envelope with pictures of a few cousins, which I’d misplaced for months. Now I can’t find it again.

:: So what happens now that I’m on the flipside of 50? Do I begin finding myself, do I find that elusive woman, do I treat myself better, stop beating myself up all the time, celebrate life, find joy, discover happiness, reduce debt?

:: On my mind: I’d like to try acting, learn to play more instruments, like maybe the saxophone, drums, better guitar, smile more often.

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