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If 6 Was 9

.: Well, it’s that annual moment when I actually post to my blog about my birthday. Born at 01:05 CDT in Winnipeg on 28 June 1953. It’s been a long strange trip. Indeed.

The past 12 months have been extremely challenging. Last year on my birthday I was in the process of receiving 12 chemotherapy and 6 monoclonal antibody treatments over a 6-month period to battle non-Hodgkin lymphoma. A year later, I now receive monoclonal antibody injections every three months, in addition to blood tests to see how I’m doing.

On 11 January 2022, my mother passed away in Winnipeg. My brothers and I were at her bedside when she took her final breath. We knew we couldn’t have a memorial service anytime soon after, so we ended up planning for a service, reception, and interring her ashes on 25 August 2022, so it is forthcoming in less than two months.

We left Winnipeg on 15 January 2022. Chris and Todd returned to Calgary, I returned to Edmonton. We all tested positive for COVID after returning. I isolated for a while but seemed to get sicker as the days went on. My physician told me to go to the hospital, so an ambulance came by on 01 February 2022 and drove me to the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton. I was in Emergency for a few hours and was told I was being admitted. Little did I know I would be there for 10 days. I was in bed all that time with oxygen up my nose and remdesivir injected into my arm via IV to ward off the omicron variant. I had been triple-vaccinated through to September 2021, but the omicron variant didn’t appear until a couple months later in South Africa. The hospital confirmed I did contract omicron, so after being released on 10 February 2022, I eventually scheduled a fourth vaccination. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: the hospital confirmed that upon admittance to the hospital, I had contracted double pneumonia – pneumonia in each lung. Lovely. It took about a month to stop coughing and for the pneumonia to completely leave my system. Now all I am contending with is osteoarthritis at the base of each of my thumbs, which is resulting is some pain when I’m playing guitar. *sigh* Osteoarthritis is also causing me lower back pain. Getting old isn’t for sissies.

But I was treated very well in the hospital, and saw first hand what life was like on a COVID ward. The nurses work so hard and were always so kind and polite to me. Of course, the hospital food left much to be desired! 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading. See you again soon.

2 Responses to “If 6 Was 9”

  1. Al D’Addario Says:

    Hi Randy
    This is Al and Jane from Boston.
    We met at the Gorge SD show some years ago!

    You took a nice photo of us at the show. If you still have it we would love to see it. Please email it if you can.

    All the best for 2024!!

    Al D’Addario

  2. Randy Reichardt Says:

    Hello, Al. I would need to dig through some photo albums to locate the picture. Would you please email me a photo of you and Jane? Please send it to Thank you.

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