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Slow But Steady, Sho’ Good Eatin’!, Show Biz Kids…

:: I took another baby step tonight, preparing for the move to another host. Yesterday I successfully loaded Moveable Type 2.64 onto the new server. Today, with a dose of patience, I was able to initialize the system so that I can reach the MT prompt on the new host. Patience was important: I encountered two errors while working, and was pleased that I was able to determine their source, and correct them. One was a typo (I had typed DBI:mysql instead of DBI::mysql – damn extra colon!), and the other was an incorrect URL I had loaded into the mt.cfg file. Whatever. Details, details.

This is too much detail, but forgive me the indulgence: this blog, the one you are reading, is running on as a Berkeley db (whatever that means). The new one will run as a MySQL db (whatever that means – Geoff, he knows what that means; so does Kenton.)

What’s next is that I have to create a weblog on the new site, and then try to import the entries from here to there. As well, I want to import my templates. I hope I can do it without much grinding and gnashing of teeth.

:: Perhaps the best nutrition site I’ve ever seen is this one: NutritionData. It features a db of 7,154 foods, and “generates nutrition facts labels and provides simplified nutritional analyses for all foods and recipes.” The only drawback: no foods found only in Canada are in the db (such as Vector or Optimum cereal).

:: This article on “geezer rock” is more annoying than anything else. It’s been interesting watching rock music age, from its beginnings in the 1950s, to present day. The musicians who create and play pop, rock and folk rock music, seem to be the only ones who get slagged because they get older. Musicians working in classical, bluegrass, country, blues, soul, rhythm and blues, opera, klezmer, whatever, are never bashed around because they get on in years. But in rock, journalists like to lambaste them, as Jim Derogatis does here, almost just for the exercise itself.

Derogatis’ thesis: that “the best rock ‘n’ roll is immediate, urgent and vital–it is music that celebrates living in the moment“, is a good one, but it doesn’t necessarily need to apply across the board. I mean, do the Artists That Matter need to rebel 24/7? I’m biased towards Steely Dan, but damn it if their new album doesn’t haul ass, and sound better than most of the shyte being fobbed on music fans by artists and acts half their age. Derogatis offers five geezer lists, from Geezers who still matter, to Geezers who never mattered and are now less relevant and more offensive than ever. In the end it’s all subjective. Who’s to say the music being made now by (some of the) artists who’ve been active in these genres for 25-40 years can or cannot stand on its own merit?

Check out these responses from the Hoffman forum, many with which I agree. My favorite comment: “Terrible article. I wish I could have written something so shallow and negative when I was 15 and get paid for it. Might as well tell us that Jazz is for dead people. Go fling yourself in front of a schoolbus.”

3 Responses to “Slow But Steady, Sho’ Good Eatin’!, Show Biz Kids…”

  1. sharon Says:

    wow. the move sounds complicated. Good luck!

  2. Christine Says:

    Last time I moved my blog (when I had fewer templates then I do now), I opened two browser windows – one for my old blog, one for the new, and I copied and pasted templates over. However, there is a way to save your templates as .tmpl files on your old server and then copy and them via FTP to your new server. I can try to find instructions, or you can look in the MT forums for them – I am sure that is where I first read about it. Just do a search for “saving templates to file” or something similar – always good to have a backup!

  3. randy Says:

    Hi Christine, and thanks for the comment. I did find the instructions, Girlie Matters posted them. Rusto responded to a post of mine in MT Forums, and directed me to his document, Migrating Your MT Blog To A New Webhost, which references the Girlie post about templates.

    I can follow Rusto’s and Girlie’s instructions. My current concern is that I’m going to transfer files setup in a Berkeley db over to a new MT installation setup in a MySQL db (about which I know nothing, frankly, other than to follow instructions on how to set it up). I’m hoping this works ok…I guess I’ll find out shortly! 🙂

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