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Been Lost and Confused For So Long, It’s Not True

..: Like millions of other teevee fans, I’ve been watching Lost with much interest since the opening episode last fall. Last night was the 30th episode, the 7th in Season Two, called The Other 48 Days. This episode crammed into one hour capsulized the 48 days in the lives of the survivors who were in the tail section of the plane, which broke apart in mid-flight, and landed on the other side of the island, away from the first group of survivors we have followed since Episode 1. The show is a non-stop tease, revealing small bits of information about the island and background detail about one or more survivors week after week. But I’m wondering if the show is beginning to jump the shark.

From the outset, the required suspension of disbelief has been exhausting. In the first episode, the show opens with Dr Jack waking up in the jungle, some distance away from the 45+ other survivors, most of whom are on the beach near the fuselage. Later, we learn that the plane had split apart in mid-air…and 45 people survived, most without a scratch. Still later in Ep 1, the pilot gets snatched from the cockpit section of the plane by a “mysterious force” which has never been explained.

in Season One, we met Danielle, a nutcase living on the island for 17-18 years, weary and frightened of “The Others”. A few episodes in, we met Ethan, a resident of the island who kidnaps two of the Lost’ers, only to be killed by a hobbit Charlie a few eps later. No explanation to date of who he was, or if he was part of “The Others”. Season One ended with “The Others” kidnapping young Walt, shooting Josh in the shoulder, and blowing up the raft on which they, along with Jin-Soo and Michael were floating, trying to escape the island ; Jin-Soo dives into the water and disappears, and Michael and Josh are left hanging onto what’s left of the raft.

Season Two took us into the shaft, where it was revealed that someone (Desmond) was living there with supplies, food, electricity, etc., and was resetting a computer with a series of numbers every 108 minutes to “save the world”. The six numbers he entered matched the numbers Hurley had previously chosen in a lottery, which he won to the tune of $156,ooo,ooo. And so it goes…

But Episode 7 of Season 2 had an opening that hit home for me as to why I’m finding it harder and harder to buy the premise of survival after such a horrific event. The opening shot is of a beautiful tropical beach, sand, blue water, sunny blue sky, tranquil…until shards and chunks of the airplane come flying across the landscape at speeds reminiscent of similar scenes in the movie Twister, begging the question: howinhell could anyone survive such a crash, let alone without a scratch on them?

I will continue with Lost, but confess that my interest to know the answers to some of these questions is beginning to wear thin. I really like this show. However, I think J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof are taking too long to reveal enough information critical to allow their viewers to continue watching, remain intrigued, accept the barely-believable premise, and expend enough energy to maintain a continuing suspension of disbelief as more clues are slowly revealed.

Oh, and speaking of sharks, did anyone notice in the second episode that the Dharma logo was on the shark’s tail as it circled the remains of the raft? Suspension of disbelief?

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9 Responses to “Been Lost and Confused For So Long, It’s Not True”

  1. Fluffy Snakes Says:

    “Lost” may become like several other TV shows that were dragged out until the ratings dropped, then cancelled abruptly with no resolution. Some shows really should be scripted from beginning to end in an exact number of episodes.

  2. sharon Says:

    ahhh!! Season 2 isnt out yet in singapore! Thank goodness I stopped myself in time *sneaks another peak*. I love Lost.. there was a marathon on saturdays a while back (5 episodes each sat for a month or so) and let me tell me my social life (if it could be called as such) came to a halt.

    thanks for the feed url. It’s showing up in bloglines now and I hope it works. A little disturbing news though: Before I deleted the old feed that no longer works, I see that 4 other people have subscribed to that particular feed. Just thought to let you know.

  3. Derryl Says:

    Here’s an email I sent Jo about a month ago:

    This is the corporation from LOST:

    Also, go here:

    It’ll bat you around a couple of times, but just hit OK or Accept or whatever and see what it says on the white page when you get there.

    If you type in that page, (make sure your speakers are on), you get Gene Autry singing “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” as well as a weird voice saying, it sounds like, “Attention all rodents, attention all rodents…. revolution… face that launched a nation… attention all rodents, attention all rodents.” The Morse code along the top appears to say “A long time ago, on an island far far away.”

    Now, bigspaceship1 has changed since then, and as a matter of fact, changes quite regularly – not sure if the Morse on top is the same. Sometimes it seems to link to legit sites, but all of them likely relate. Much of what I’m linking to will make more sense once you’ve watched some of this season, though.

    By Neddie Jingo! has an excellent analysis of some events for this season as well:

    (Back to the present again) The bigspaceship1 site has changed, and continues to change as time goes on, so who knows what you’ll get today.

    We love the show, and think it’s nowhere near jumping the shark with the logo (never caught that). We’re also quite sure that this thing is way more mapped out than 24 ever was.


  4. randy Says:

    I went to the website for Dharma. The film is there, same one shown in the Lost episode. Couldn’t find anything else other than the Walt Disney terms of use pages. The copy of the letter that appears when you click on the Life-Extention Project has a link embedded over the line, “Barring an unforseen incident blah blah…”, which takes you to: – a blurry, jumbled mess that includes a search box with a “Submit” button. If I cut and paste the bigspaceship URL you mention above, it links to Hanso’s 1967 UN speech (duh…) Nothing else happens.

    How is anyone supposed to know about How do you know about it?

    Paste the URL into a browser, and it brings up a page with the number “23” shimmering in a window. Click on the window, and it goes to – Jesus of the Week.

    Also, I can’t hear Gene Autry singing anything. I don’t know how to invoke the music or sound, or what page I am to find it, or how to find it.
    OK, it’s time for bed, enough of this cryptic bullshit…

  5. Linda Says:

    I just watched Lost today. I mean to watch it again before I comment (the magic of TiVo… God Bless the USA). I wanted to say, though, that I did notice the shark. I don’t think they have “jumped the shark” yet, but I think it will probably happen this season. Oh, & I’m glad “Adebisi” has managed to keep his “hands” to himself, so far (although that might change when he gets a load of Sayid.). I’m surprise he hasn’t recognized Micheal, aka Augustus Hill.

  6. Alex Says:

    Yeah, the fact is that you don’t want lost to drag on for too long without revealing much towards tne prospect of an ending, making it another star trek voyager.

  7. Jason Says:

    I really don’t know where to begin here. We finally get an intelligent, thought provoking episodic show that requires some tiny bit of effort on the part of the viewer and 7 episodes into the second season you are bitching about shark jumping. Where did the notion that the entire story arc isn’t already scripted out come from. The creators of Lost are claiming that this is the case. Time will tell. One other thing: (SPOILER ALERT) both Ethan and the other “other” guy showed up immediately after the main and rear parts of the plane came down. Was the plane expected? Was something done to ensure that at least some passengers survive ? The island is a nexus and lots of unconnected seemingly random things will happen. This is not evidence of bad writing or plotting but goes to the nature of the island itself. Lighten up, don’t think about it so much and just enjoy one of the best TV shows in years.

  8. heather Says:

    I echo Jason, and would like to point out that Josh is the first name of the actor who plays Sawyer. You can’t be too much of a fan if you screwed that one up.

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