:: the pod bay door will be closed for a little while…but not too long. I’ve spent some time smoothing out the edges after the move to a new hosting service, and am going to take a couple of days off from blogging. I’m working a six-day week, and want to squeeze in some movies before they leave town. I can report that I’m starting to like the new workout routine suggested by the trainer I met with recently, and am feeling that I might be on the edge of some progress – good news all around. The tennis elbow condition in my left arm hasn’t improved, so I may need an MRI. I’ll learn more later this month when I meet with a sports physician again. The hearing aid jury is still deliberating – I have a few weeks to decide whether or not to purchase the Aero 211 AZ I’m using now.

This evening was particularly satisfying: I helped friends choose a starter electric guitar and amp for their daughter, who is rapidly becoming a good musician and songwriter at 15 years old. We were at Avenue Guitars, and studied two starter kits (amp and guitar), and settled on a Godin SD (black colour) and a Roland Cube 30 guitar amp. The guitar has a very sweet sound, and the amp has 8 guitar amp model channels. Everyone walked away happy, and now I want to borrow the new equipment and test it out!

I’ll be back shortly. See you then.

2 Responses to “Outskirts”

  1. heavy g Says:

    so sad…
    let me know when you want that Fireworks/Photoshop lesson. it seems a fair trade for learning a few more guitar chords.

  2. randy Says:

    Sounds like a plan. I’m in, like Flint.

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