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Out of Control

:: The last few days have been a bit of a blur. The weekend was a trip to Calgary, featuring visits with good friends, including one who just had her second baby a week ago today. On Saturday night, I attended a gathering of old friends from my 1971 high school class – you can see some of the photos here if you like.

I’m too busy at work for words. Heavy G and I are coauthoring (yet another) article on blogging, and are preparing a presentation on “biblioblogs” for GELA, on November 13. (Geoff will deny it, but I think he’s doing most of the prep work, and I deal with my catholic guilt.) Otherwise work consists of putting out small fires everyday – lately, mostly to do with ordering much needed CSA standards for a mechanical engineering design project. My last big instruction session for 2003 is tomorrow afternoon. We are a couple weeks away from beginning our Winter 2004 instruction preparation.

Twice in the last three days I’ve misplaced my yet-to-be-paid-for hearing aid that I’m road testing. Each time I couldn’t find it for hours. Now I’m leaving it in its case, otherwise it is causing me too much anxiety.

Oh, what’s that? The World Series? Oh, right…The Yankees. Pardon me while I go back to sleep.

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