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Weird and Wacky Stuff

:: I saw The Matrix Revolutions today. It is fun to watch and confusing as hell. The effects are at times overpowering, and the dialogue as offbeat and odd as in the other two movies. There is not as much martial arts this time around, and yes, the story does resolve itself. At least twice in the movie I wanted the reel to stop, rewind, and play again so I could try to understand what just happened. I did notice that most of the people in the audience were guys in baseball caps, and when they were in groups of two or more, all sat with an empty seat between each of them.

:: A report and review of The Beatles’ forthcoming, Let It Be…Naked, from the Globe and Mail’s James Adams.

:: I was not surprised to learn that NBC canned Coupling after four episodes (although the website says it’s returning in December.) Despite the fact that the scripts were almost word-for-word equal to the originals used in the British series, the Americans couldn’t seem to capture the Brits’ sensibilities, timing and delivery.

:: Microsoft has created a $5 million US fund to help track and convict virus creators.

:: Napster announced a deal on Thursday with Penn State University, in which students are given access to music funded by student fees, thereby reducing the number of illegal downloads. However, some of the students are criticizing the deal, saying it is an inappropriate use of their student fees.

:: In an October 2003 issue of the Sierra College student newspaper, Outlook, a student named Nicholas Louis wrote a column called “Sierra girls aren’t really all that ‘Hot’”. Apparently he wrote it in response to a rumour that Playboy was planning to rank his campus among the top five for “hot girls”, and he disagreed.

    “Sierra College doesn’t have the hottest girls, unless you are incredibly superficial,” he wrote. “By superficial I’m addressing those that are immersed in nice clothes, the mall, cell phones, cars and Vogue magazine.”

Anyway, this news thread has been picked up among blogs, one of which feature my favorite headline, “This Man Is Never Getting Laid Again.” Last night on The Daily Show, Steven Colbert filed a report from the campus in which he interviewed Louis, some of the “hot girls”, and a professor who helped organize a rally against Louis. The “report” was brilliant and funny; I still cannot understand how Jon Stewart and his staff can convince people to agree to be interviewed for his show. If and when Lisa Rein uploads Colbert’s report, I’ll post it here.

:: And speaking of Ridiculous News

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