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Movie Movie, Clean Clean

:: I wanted to see a few films while off work this past week, and see as few is what I did: The Station Agent, Wonderland, In The Cut, The Matrix Revolutions, Love Actually, The Hard Word, and Down With Love.

:: I put up my outside Christmas lights Saturday afternoon. Usually I do this before the end of October, but got lazy this year. It’s cold here already, so I didn’t want to wait for it to get colder.

:: Also this week, I’ve been cleaning and purging. It’s been successful so far – I clurged (cleaned and purged) my spare bedroom, and filled four large green plastic bags wth clothes and shoes, which were taken to Goodwill yesterday. My computer room needs much work, as does the upstairs bathroom. To do this realistically, I need to set goals, so the plan is to get the upstairs completed first, then the main floor, then the basement. The vacuum has yet to be passed, that’s to happen later.

Part of the purge process involves losing stuff in drawers, cabinets and closets. Right now, I’m in a paper shred mode, as I work through my filing cabinet. I can’t believe the crap I’m finding in there, outdated receipts and paper trails and expired memberships and so on. I’ve filled up two blue bags with shredded paper, and I’m set to start a third.

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