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Blogs vs Forums

:: Geoff and I gave a presentation on Thursday afternoon called biblioBLOGS: Building Blogs and Sharing Information. During the session, we were asked about the difference between blogs and online forums. This is something I’ve thought about in the past, and the one difference that comes to mind first is this: forums seem to exist in a “question and answer” environment. Two days ago, I asked a question in the Moveable Type Support Forum about a style sheet problem. I checked back a day later, and a kind soul provided me with the solution, which worked nicely! I’ve posted “I need help” types of questions and received help, in other support forums such as Dell Community Forum and Blogomania. Forums need not be restricted to Q&A, mind you; many forums bring together those who share similar interests, such as music. Check out the Steve Hoffman Music Forums, featuring discussions on a wide range of music and hardware topics.

Blogs are more personal and of an individual nature. Posts tend not to be moderated, there isn’t an FAQ to read, and you don’t need to register and login to participate. One theme I see running through some of the discussion I’ve read is that blogs tend to reduce the signal to noise ratio – there is more content of substance and less waste of space in blog posts and related discussions. And consider that if you find information on a blog site that you want or need to know, why would you bother going anywhere else, subsquently, if your need has been filled? It doesn’t matter, necessarily, if the route to that particular blog was serendipitous. There is no way on the planet anyone anywhere, anymore, can get a handle on all that’s happening out there. Who are we kidding? (Well, Triumph likes to kid, “I keeed!!.”)

In any event, here are a few interesting entries that discuss blogs, forums, online discussion, and the like:

See also: Castledine, Steve. Let’s blog together. Castledine began a discussion of blogs vs forums (or fora) that took place in the Main Bar forum. Follow the thread below Casteldine’s first posting.

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