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Did Stanley Kubrick Film The First Moonwalk? (Sure, sure he did….)

:: I watched The Passionate Eye tonight, which featured the fake documentary, “Dark Side Of The Moon“, written and directed by William Karel. It’s a brilliant mock-umentary, not unlike Peter (LOTR) Jackson’s Forgotten Silver. I’m sure more than a few people watching it across Canada actually believed it, even with opening and closing remarks from the host, Michaelle Jean, who made it rather clear that the film is a hoax. The film tells the story of how Richard Nixon, fearing that no live pictures could be sent from the moon after the landing in July, 1969, asked Stanley Kubrick to film the moonwalk on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey In return, five years later, Kubrick borrows a special NASA-developed lens, to film Barry Lyndon.

Uh huh.

The film, originally titled Opération Lune, is made more realistic by the appearances of Kubrick’s widow, Christiane, her brother (and Kubrick’s exec producer of his last five films), Jan Harlan, and – get this – Donald Rumsfeld, Alexander Haig, Richard Helms, Lawrence Eagleburger, and – yes – Henry Kissinger, all playing “themselves” in the movie.

The film is a treat, adding layers to the conspiracy theories that Apollo flights never happened, but goes one better, by appearing to validate said theories while showing just how absurd they are in the first place. That Karel was able to get Nixon’s advisors, as well as Kubrick’s wife and brother-in-law to participate gives the film it’s gritty realism.

The film was made for television and is only 52 minutes in length. The only problem with it appearing on The Passionate Eye is that TPE is a 90-minute show, so the film is interrupted with not only commercials, but breaks for national news and the like, thus disrupting the continuity. Well worth the watch, however.

:: I am bored with the look of my site, and want to change it.

:: I learned from my father today that my cousin, Donny Carriere, passed away last Thursday, after a fight with cancer. The last time I saw Donny was at my maternal grandmother’s funeral, which I believe was in 1985 or 1986. Like his father, my uncle Stanley, Donny fought alcoholism most of his adult life. I know now that he is finally at peace.

2 Responses to “Did Stanley Kubrick Film The First Moonwalk? (Sure, sure he did….)”

  1. Destrée Says:

    Hoax & Jokes

    In this ‘documentary’ real actual deceivers, principally Rumsfeld and CIA, are playing the role of witnesses, as faking , joking deceivers.

    Isn’t it, as if one should at the time have interviewed Hitler and the Gestapo about Nazi-deceiving – to demonstrate that they were deceiving or not the public? What could have been accepted, from before 1933 till 10 May 1940, when WW II really burst out.

    One of the proofs is, that France and England yet in 1938 with Hitler and his Gestapo concluded the Treaty of Munich, and that till 10 May 1940 almost nothing was done by the Allies, and that in Holland any publication against Hitler was forbidden and juridical punished as offence to a ‘friendly head of State’.

    Today Rumsfeld and CIA are still considered as (rather) honest and reliable witnesses.

    Till the time that it will become clear that they are not different from Hitler and Gestapo, and that warfare is their business…

    One could ask oneself, if it’s not a most cynical manner to prove the public, that indeed it is deceived.

    ARTE & Objectivity

    Why could it be possible that this ‘documentary’ was published by ARTE?
    Because the essential isn’t mentioned, thus yet less underlined.

    That is the fact, that in all these Space Industry American multinationals participate. Which are the most important enterprises on world – together with the petrol processing industries. To make more and more Profit. Another fact is, that Rumsfeld and CIA – and President Buffalo Bush – are accomplices of these multinationals. Which are dominated at the top by Multi-Nazionism. That’s te Zionist Lobby in Washington; as is explained on exemplary manner by the Jewish American professor Norman G. Finkelstein in ‘The Holocaust Industry’.

    When we go to the bottom of this story, it could be true that indeed no American went to the moon. That for that reason the images and the sound were of not too good quality. And one can also suppose that CIA suggested the idea for this documentary, because they were afraid that somebody indeed should speak. On the same manner that the Dutch Eveline Lubbers wrote a book about Shell, and its responsibility in pollution. While her book was promoted by Jeroen Duijvesteijn, co-operator of SMO, where ‘Royal Dutch’/Shell is one of the participating enterprises…

    The Dutch author and actor Arjan Ederveen on Dutch TV published otherwise demonstrating delicious ‘hoaxes’.

    In real research, on base of real historical documents, there is no such ‘hoax’ possible.

    All is stated, and based on irrefutable historical documents, like in my research. But not one of the media will publish it.

    Also not ARTE, whose historical co-operators refuse to publish real facts, about CIA and multinational terrorism. That also I can prove with real documents. Several attempts to interest ARTE’s historian co-operators, Marc Ferro, Hugo Knopp and others in my own research didn’t receive an answer. Because in this world, is no place for hard reality. Where the information is conceived and published by media, which are in hands of those multinationals, thus the Multi-Nazionist lobby.

    To finish I wish to egg on everybody: Resist!

    Best wishes,
    Charles Destrée, 11 April 2004.

  2. Sven Says:

    I eat you fooking hats for breakfastses.

    Jooooo – sense talking for nothings.

    Too much on the bodka, no? Shutting!

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