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:: It is the end of the day, and for various reasons, it has been less than memorable. Nothing major, but small, nagging things, things that can’t be articulated very well at the best of times, decided to appear and make themselves visible. Tonight I wish them away, back to where they originated, that they may find someone else to annoy.

:: I saw Bad Santa on the weekend, and the film didn’t work for me. My observations are available on I am, however, in a distinct minority, as the film is getting mostly good reviews.

:: My mom called this evening to tell me that when she opened her oven to put in a chicken this afternoon, the bottom element was on fire. My dad used the fire extinguisher, which didn’t work initially, but he kept at it. The fire alarms went off, and four firemen in a firetruck appeared soon afterwards. All is well, but the oven is a mess, and according to Mom, their kitchen and living room are covered in a fine, white mist, from the fire extinguisher. She spent the remainder of the day working to clean everything up (and if you know my Mom, you know the house MUST be clean!)

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  1. some one Says:

    Recommend your parents keep baking soda by the stove to extinguish fire(s).My stove was on fire this week and it worked very efficently.

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