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*Oh Well*

:: I wonder when I will learn that agonizing about money is a complete and utter waste of energy.

In November, I was driving in the parking lot of an abandoned mall, near my home. The only other car in the vicinity was approaching from the opposite direction on the same road. I realized too late that this car and I would arrive at the corner of this mall road at the same moment. It had snowed considerably the day before, and while the other car passed me at that corner without a problem, I couldn’t slow down enough to negotiate my left turn, and my car slid on an icy patch, into the curb. I knew immediately that I had a problem. When I drove on, I could feel the car leaning to the left. Back on the main streets, the steering wheel started to shake at 80+ kmh.

The car was in today for an oil change, and I reported the problem described above. I soon learned that the right front rim was bent. To replace it meant also replacing the front wheel bearing and necessary seals on the right side. Final damage: $491 and change. I also learned that the rotor run-out wasn’t damaged, which would’ve added another $200+ to this experience.

Party On!

3 Responses to “*Oh Well*”

  1. Murph Says:

    Playing Chicken in parking lots now, eh? I would imagine this was Heritage. Are there any stores left there?


  2. Keith Says:

    I think the only store left in Heritage Mall is the exercise place (Spa Lady?). The Royal Bank has its own building south of 23rd Avenue now.

  3. darcy Says:

    Okay…did I read this right??

    “Back on the main streets, the steering wheel started to shake at 80+ kmh.”

    Eighty clicks? Have I been away so long that they jacked the average street speed limit up 20 clicks or more??? Or do you just have a lead foot?


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