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Downloading Legal, Uploading Legal, Doesn’t Matter, Here Come The Lawsuits in Canada

:: Despite the recent ruling that P2P file swapping of music is legal in Canada, the Canadian Recording Industry Association is preparing its own round of lawsuits to be filed against individual Canada-based file swappers.

One Response to “Downloading Legal, Uploading Legal, Doesn’t Matter, Here Come The Lawsuits in Canada”

  1. Jena Says:

    So studies show Kaaza use is down? I’m not surprised – when I looked for a place to send a friend to download the Kaaza-Lite software (Kaazaa with the spyware stripped out), I couldn’t wade through all the crap to find it. And every time I go searching for a file via Kaaza, Norton Security goes nuts.

    When I use Kaaza, I’m looking for the stuff I can’t find anywhere else – cuts from LPs that never got made into disks, disks that aren’t available except on eBay or On, there’s a used copy of the Terminator CD I was looking for – for $79.95. I didn’t bother looking to see if that was US or Canadian dollars. Yeesh.

    The funny part is, many musicians I know WANT people to download their music – they say it’s the best publicity they can get.

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