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Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, and Such

:: I wasn’t really aware until this “holiday season”, of how Politically Correct we’ve become in North America, regarding saying Merry Christmas and mentioning Jesus Christ at this time of the year (gosh, it’s his birthday), instead saying “Happy Holidays”, and especially not mentioning anything connected with Christianity and the like, so as not to offend anyone. I was raised Catholic and still consider myself to be a small “c” Christian, and find myself more than a bit annoyed at this trend. A Christmas tree at the law school at Indiana University was removed so as to ensure that the University remains “an inclusive area in which no-one felt offended or left out.” I find this astonishing. Christmas trees and nativity scenes are not offensive religious symbols, but represent tradition and beliefs of, in this case, the majority of North Americans. Political correctness runs the risk of sucking dry whatever non-commercial-based joy there is left at Christmas time.

This letter from a local Devon pastor says it all: “However, I find a peculiar solace in one thing: I can now wish salespeople a “Merry Christmas” and consider it not only an act of faith, but an act of sheer political defiance.”

I hope you are not offended by my best wishes to you for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2004!

6 Responses to “Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, and Such”

  1. steve forty Says:

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (I hope that doesn’t offend those that have New Year at a later date :]) When I was a kid in Oliver we had a Sawdust Furnace. It took about twenty buckets of sawdust
    to last through the night. On cold days it would burn through the whole lot and then burn up into the holding hopper. The next thing that happened was the house filled with smoke until someone cleaned out the fire and filled the hopper again. Ah the good old days (the ’60’s in the Okanagan Valley in BC). Good story from your mum I hope you include many more.

  2. darcy Says:

    Well…all I can say is that you should have read our Directive From The County Administrator On Allowed Holiday Decorations this year. What a crock. Bah!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Cheryl Davis Says:

    The Lord says, that either you be for Him or against HIm. Chose this day whom you will serve. If your god be God, then serve Him. If your god be mammon, then serve him. No one can serve two masters. Merry Christmas is a greeting for all Christain believers, for Jesus is the reason for the season. If you have not the belief, then don’t say it. If Happy Holidays suits you best then say it. However, this country was founded under Christain beliefs. We are, supposed to be, one nation under “God”. Not under whatever gods there happens to be within our country. King Solomon was the wisest king there ever was; however, when he embraced,tolerated, and allowed other gods to infiltrate his palace, through his newly acclaimed wife, he then lost the wisdom that was gracely bestowed upon him by God. His empire began to crumble. Americans have been so laxed over the years while trying to be politically correct until we’ve tolerated ourselves into a boiling pot of goop which is about to explode if someone doesn’t stand up for what is right. If we, as Christains, allow Merry Christmas to be substituted for Happy Holidays, just as we allowed one woman to take prayer out of public schools, we should be thrashed a thousand lashes.
    What good was it for God to send and sacrifice His Son for us if we’re not going to be steadfast in His will and His ways. Remember, chose this day whom you will serve.

  4. Silentprophet Says:

    my thought exactly. I am getting so tired of happy holidays. The holiday is called Christmas… Christ Mass and for the not so religious or traditional we have Santa who as he rides away on his slay says “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas” not “Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays” when you watch a Christmas special and Santa say that, then it’s a sad day in America.


  5. Vanessa Buchanan Says:

    I think saying Merry Christmas is traditional. I will never change to Happy Holidays no matter who it offends. We who believe in Jesus, and want to celebrate his birthday, enjoy saying Merry Christmas. People who are offended by the mention of Jesus’s name could offend many, but it is wrong to be offended. Jesus said, many will be offended by the mention of his name. I don’t care what people thinks I will never be ashamed of Jesus, and will talk about his work everywhere.

  6. larry schmidt Says:

    I spent much of my free time this year preparing an essay for a web site about Christmas in the public arena, “”. I’ve found that there is much misunderstanding about the observance and I’d hope to offer information that would educate people with examples , my observations from real life, and documentation as well my points of view. Christmas has never been a religion-only observance just for Christians. It has always been a secular holiday as well, that many people can observe in many ways. Yet it is being touted as only-for-Christians, and people are being polorized because of this mistake. My perpective is different from the most outppoken and organized who are concerned about Christmas- the religious right. This is because I’m more toward the left, a supporter of women’s rights, environmental activist, supporter of gay rights, and not a church goer (an agnostoc).I’ve found that many who come to Christmasrapping, do so with their minds made up ahead of time, either being for or against the idea of keeping Christmas visible. they’drather just REACT to the topic soon after seeingthe logo. I can tell by way of the comments they leave. they’re not willing to explore new ideas on a theme that s been around for a few years. Thus many who think they are liberal are actually close minded. I hope anyone with a sincere interets in christmas and it’s role in the public arena will visit It’s non commercial. I’m not selling anything, just sharing my research, observations and ideas.

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